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LifeRates of America has been providing financial services for over 52 years, since 1968. 

If you want to put any part of your life savings at risk...........we are not for youEverything we offer is without market risk. Your funds are safe and guaranteed. We are not an investment company. You never give us your money. If you open an account, your funds go directly to the insurance company of your choice. We are simply licensed in all states by the insurance industry to make you aware of many products that give you market performance potential but without the risk. When the markets go up, you make profits, but, when they go down........YOU KEEP YOUR MONEY!!

As you know the banks pay very little interest these days on CDs or in checking or savings accounts. There are better choices for your safe money. You can get CD Alternative Accounts from high rated insurance companies that pay between (call for current rates) and the interest is tax-deferred unlike the banks. You can have the interest check sent to you each month if you wish! (Rates vary and change for current rates)


Other good options are Growth Accounts which give you potential market performance but without the risk. When the markets go up you make profits but when they go keep your money. These growth accounts have been averaging from 4% to 7.75% in recent years but the last 18 months our clients have been receiving 9 to 11% and as high as 17.7%. There is no limit to the upside potential and you cannot lose.


These accounts are 100% safe and guaranteed!


There are NO FEES!

You can rollover cash, pensions, 401k or IRA funds, brokerage accounts and more .....all are accepted!


If you are looking for a supplemental pension and more income, there are very good choices. You can earn an immediate up front bonus as high as 15% on your initial deposit or choose a 7-10%  guarantee every year no matter what the stock market does. These accounts guarantee that you will not run out of money during retirement since you are guaranteed the same amount every month for the rest of your life regardless of your balance. The income can also continue to your spouse for the rest of their life as well if you choose.


We are interested in listening to you and hearing what your objectives are. Then we can steer you in the right direction to help solve your problems.


We do not charge fees

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